Booking the use of the project space for members. See below how to book.

SP – SET Projects        MP – Members Programme        PB – Members Private Bookings


The Members’ Programme & Project Space Bookings

Ellie Dobbs is the Members Programme Coordinator. Email to organise Private Project Space Bookings or to be part of the Members’ Programme.

Members’ Programme: we want to accommodate different projects but the new system will limit the length of a project to 4 weeks (longest) to try to be fair. However one month can have several shorter projects. Any days booked for the programme must include install, deinstall and bringing the space back up to how it was when you found it.

An example could be: exhibition 1 week installation; 2 weeks exhibition (invigilated by members); 1 week deinstall and refurbishment.

We encourage members to collaborate and work together.

All project spaces are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Each Member will have the opportunity to book a maximum of four weeks per year to ensure other members have the opportunity to use the space also. If there are last minute spaces to fill up, this won’t count towards the limit. We would like to encourage members to collaborate and share the space if possible!

SET Projects

There will also be several curated SET projects per year across the different project spaces. The projects will include external artists as well as SET members and they will vary in length and scale.

We are interested in developing an idea of curation as an extension of practice. In the past, we’ve facilitated this with projects such as Back-to-Back, SETfridays and SET & Friends. Many of these projects have been successful because we’ve worked with members to develop them and the curatorial element was a collaborative endeavour, or seen as an extension of our individual practices.

In this vein, we will seek funding and provide a budget for these projects, as well as inviting groups of members to help develop them. We will not be soliciting proposals for this aspect of our programme.