Apply Later!

8 September 2022 - 19 September 2022

SET Woolwich

A group exhibition of work by Cameron Jarvie, Nathan Miller, Eleanor Mumford, RHUBARCODE, Chantal Makar, Finn Hughes-Smith, Celia Bickersteth, Isabel Garfield, Phoebe Riley Law, Tom Lines, Micaela Perrot-Barnaby, Matilda Clarke, Natasha Martin and Rosalind Duguid.

PV 8/9/22 6-11pm
Performances from 6:30pm, Music from 9:30pm.

Running 9/9/22-18/9/22
Opening Hours 1-6pm, thurs-sun


‘Counter to the common line ‘apply now!’, Apply Later! isn’t an entry level job position calling for 10 years of experience. It isn’t a university degree with limited facility access and limited tuition. It isn’t an open call show with tight curatorial theming requirements, and doesn’t have vague points about vague aesthetics or give obvious answers to obvious questions. We are sorry to inform you that.. Apply Later! is a self-funded, artist-led exhibition, operating on our own terms.’