SET Kensington Open Studios: Brother Rich DJ Set + Knowledge Sharing

6 October 2022
18:30 - 20:00

SET Kensington

RARE GROOVE Art + Archive
Early vinyl reggae session 6.30-8PM

Currently a GOLDSMITHS CCA Resident, Rare Groove Art+Archive is a social art project celebrating the underground Black British sound system scene which has raved and revelled in joy as resistance since the early 80’s. A subculture of a subculture, born out of the Reggae movement but here cherry picked rare and overlooked 70’s and 80’s African American and British Soul vinyl sings of the African diaspora experience of love, peace, The Life and transcendence.

Delivering a program of events to collate an archive, a Rare Grove art collective and collections, this project seeks to locate an intersection with visual art expression and provide a legacy through practitioners and academics.