Theme Park™ Playground Exhibition

13 August 2022 - 20 August 2022
17:00 - 00:00

SET Woolwich

13.08.22: Play Area: 5pm -12am

14.08.22: 12pm – 6pm + (Networking Event) 7pm – 11pm

15.08.22 to the 20.08.22:11am – 5:30pm

theme park™ is a nostalgic & interactive art event for creatives to explore, network and have fun! All artists have a playful nature to their craft, and as we grow older the element of play slowly fades. This event aims to recapture our child-like qualities through a creative amusement playground.

It also marks the launch of the creative umbrella – theme park™ – a place where artists can come together to create unique experiences. All projects are THEMED and create a special adventure with every release.

The exhibition includes a series of interactive art games that allow visitors a chance to win exclusive Theme Park prizes including clothes, key rings and other cool souvenirs.

Artist Featured:
Nathalie Coste: @_nathalie_coste_
Meitao Qu: @mt_qu
Arty McFly: @minbow_
Heidi Pearce: @heidipearce_art
Jake Passmore: @jakethepassmore
Delirious.Blanc: @delirious.blanc
Maya Bardsley: @maya_bardsley
Xtrine: @xtine_sparkles_emoji
Jordan Verdes: @verdesjordan
Tuff.Cookie: @tuffcookie.arts
Calendar Boys: @fantasyfotographer2
George Nindi: @georgenindi
Sai: @saiiili
Leila Arenou: offline

Playground Soundtrack: @www.whome
Ashley Blasse: @ashleyblasse
Classtraitor: @classtraitor

¡ǝpıɹ ǝɥʇ ʎoɾuǝ || || @themepvrk


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